As most of you probably know by now, Sarah Ashcroft is one of my favvvv bloggers and as you can guess, I was over the moon when she announced that she was doing her own clothing range! If you’ve been following her Instagram, Snapchat (etc), you’ll know that she is launching her own swimwear brand tomorrow (1st June 2017) and I am BEYOND excited!!

Above are some sneak peaks of some items in the swimwear range and I am not disappointed. One thing that I love about the swimwear in this range is the colour palette – it’s not too much and it’s not too ‘boring’ either.. The perfect mix! And of course, the colour looks beautiful on every skin tone. The collection consists of bikinis and all-in-one swimsuits so everyone’s taste is catered for 😉. As you can see above in the photos, some pieces have a high-rise legs, plunge neckline, hook and lace ups which I feel makes this swimwear line sexy and sassy at the same time.. Again, the perfect mix 😉.

You can get the look on inthestyle.com and remember, it launches on 1st June 2017 and I can imagine, the pieces are going to sell out very soon so get your phone, laptops, tablets (etc) ready to hit the ‘add to basket’ .. I know I will be!




Guess who managed to get their hands on the popular “GIRL 🌹 GANG” top?? I did! 🙋🏼. After months of waiting for this gem to hit the River Island stores, I finally got it. The perfect piece to compliment my wardrobe!

This top ties up at the side which gives it the perfect finishing touch. The top is pink with red writing on it which is quite an unusual mix but it works 😍. I wore mine with light blue ripped mom jeans which are my absolute fav!!  The top is £18 which is reasonable price to pay. Go and get it whilst stocks last ⚡️!

In case you can’t get your hands on the little gem from River Island or if it’s not quite your taste, Boohoo are selling a similar graphic tee that says “GIRL GANG” on it for just £8!! The top comes in white, black and a peach.

Come and join the GIRL GANG, you won’t regret it 😉



Hello lovely bloggers! Sorry that I’ve been absent for quite a while on here, I’ve been working 6 days a week so I’ve been busy (sorry!).

Today I’m going to post something different from my normal posts but I feel that it is needed. Something horrendous happened last night in Manchester. For those of you who aren’t aware of what happened, a bomb went off in Manchester Arena after an Ariana Grande concert and killed 22 people and injured 59 and I fear that there are going to be more casualties 💔.

Words can not stress how heart broken I am for the families and friends of those affected and the people who were there that evening. It makes me absolutely sick to my stomach to know that someone could hurt others, especially young innocent children who were at a concert to listen to music, see their idol perform and have possibly the best night of their lives. My thoughts, prayers and love goes towards everyone affected. I can’t even begin to imagine what pain people must be going through not knowing whether your child, parent, family member, friend (etc) is alive and well.

My thoughts are also with Ariana Grande herself. Many on social media are blaming her for this happening but how is this her fault? She didn’t know that this was going to happen.. No one did. I pray for her because she was doing her job and something that she loved and now that’s been ruined for her.

I feel so helpless. I really hope that those people in hospital make a speedy recovery. I really hope that the people who were there get the help needed and I send all of my love to those families who have lost a loved one. No one deserves to die like that.

I would also like to take a moment to praise and thank the emergency services who helped last night at the scene and continuing to help today and through-out the week by looking after the casualties. They do not get enough praise for all of the hard work they do. They’re life savers and heroes.

I also would like to praise and thank all of the staff at the local Premier Inn’s and hotels (etc) for taking in all of the children and adults who were affected last night. The people in the arena must have been so shaken, scared and heart broken and it makes me so happy knowing that people put them first. I would also like to thank everyone who took up their time to give free taxi fares to those injured or stranded and everyone who offered their homes so they had somewhere to stay.

There was also a homeless man who helped those injured that night by holding someones legs up until the ambulance got there so they didn’t bleed through. He also held someone who was dying so they weren’t alone. For someone who had nothing, he gave everything and there’s no words for that. I feel like as a community, we need to give back to him. I hear there is a go funding page for him but I haven’t stumbled across it yet.

Even though people slam social media sometimes, today has been a day where I am so grateful that it is around and popular as it is helping others find their loved ones by everyone sharing photos and details etc. In this heart breaking event, people have stuck by one another and this gives me faith in humanity. We are together. We are one.





So, in my ‘Rock Tee’ post (https://thatcasualgirl.wordpress.com/2017/05/09/rock-tee/ ) I asked you lot to sit tight and make yourself a cuppa as a Rock Tee blog post was going to be launched soon so here it is – I do not go back on my promises 😉

The rock graphic tee trend has been popular for a while now and it is one of my favourite trends as I’m that casual girl 😉. Many retailers do sell rock graphic tees but I feel like Missguided do a wider range and the best!

Above, I have picked 6 different types of rock tees that you can have depending on your style. As you can see, there is a crop tee with a lace hem, nibbled and slashed effect, tie die, lace up and cut out shoulder – so much choice!! 😍

You can also wear all of these rock tees with a corset belt and an oversized denim jacket 🔥




Did you spend a lot of money on a jacket but feel like you don’t get enough wear out of it for the money value? Or are you wanting to buy an expensive jacket but don’t know what you’re going to wear it with? Well, fear not! I am here to help 😉

Below, you will see that I have dressed a mustard suede biker jacket from River Island three different ways. I absolutely love this jacket and the colour but it isn’t cheap. So I thought I’d show you three different ways to wear this jacket so you feel like you’re not wasting money.


The first way to wear is styling the mustard jacket with Gingham Frill Trousers. These trousers are from Pretty Little Thing. Some may feel like dressing gingham with a mustard suede jacket is too much so to break it up, I’ve dressed it with a casual graphic tee which is also from River Island. One popular trend at the moment is dressing a graphic tee with smart trousers and I LOVE it! My type of trend lol


Another way to wear the mustard jacket is to wear it with a rock style graphic tee. Of course you can style it with any rock tee that you would like but I’ve chose a bodysuit as it is more fitting. The bodysuit is from Pretty Little Thing and I chose it because it has the mustard colour in with it. I’ve then chose to dress it with black ripped skinny jeans to make this look more ‘rock chic‘. These jeans are from Topshop.



Last but not least, I thought the mustard jacket was perfect to match with a stripe tee. You could dress it with a more prominent black and white stripe basic tee but I chose to tone it down with a more girlie style bardot frill top which is beaut. Again you can wear this with jeans but I’ve chose to style it with a leather skirt. The leather skirt is from New Look and I love it because of the zip detail  😍.

I hope you liked the different looks and if you have any other ideas on how to style, please let me know in the comments below 😄





Good afternoon lovely bloggers ☀. Today’s post is going to be about ‘basic‘ items of clothing that every casual girl needs in her wardrobe. Each of these items can either be dressed up or dressed down. These key items can be used for layering also which is why they are essential for your wardrobe!

The first item which is essential is the denim jacket. How many times have you changed what you’re wearing just so you can find a jacket that would go with the outfit? I know that I have done that many times! Luckily, a denim jacket pretty much goes with everything and if you’re feeling daring, you can even wear it with denim – denim on denim is NOT a fashion faux par like many think 😄. I’ve chose an over-sized jacket from New Look. I personally 💛 over-sized items but there are many shops that sell fitted denim jackets  😊.

The next item is blue high-waisted denim jeans. Of course you can choose what type of denim you like yourself but I feel like no matter what colour the denim is, high waisted skinny jeans are a MUST! Even though ripped jeans are in fashion at the moment, it is important to have that one pair of clean jeans that you can dress up or dress down. These jeans are from Topshop and they are called Jamie.

The slip cami dress is next. Many think that you can only wear this key item in the summer but they’re wrong! You can layer cami dresses with a basic top to make it more casual. The type of top is completely up to you.. You can just get a casual tee with cap sleeves or maybe even a roll neck – the choice is yours 😉. I chose a pink cami slip dress from Missguided as I LOVE the colour but of course, these dresses come in all different colours and styles.

On the topic of camis, the next item I think is a must-have is the cami top! Just like the dress, you can layer these so you can wear a tee underneath to make it more casual. These two cami tops are from River Island and the range in there is incredible. They have many colours to choose from but my fav is the gingham cami. As I’m sure you’re aware, gingham is really in fashion at the moment so not only is a cami top a must have this season, so is gingham!

Last but not least is the bardot top. The top I chose is from Pretty Little Thing and I chose it because the top has mixed two key trends in one; the bardot top and the frilly top! I absolutely LOVE this top and the colour 😍.

Let me know what key pieces you have in your wardrobe in the comments below 😜



One trend that has been popular for a while is the rock tee and this is my type of trend.. to a tee (Haha was that a bad pun?). Most fashion retailers partner up a rock tee with a choker and I am totally for it.. I LOVE chokers also 😍

So today, I had a few extra minutes before I had to go to work so I thought I’d take some selfies of my OOTD before I went. Standard procedure really lol

My tee says ‘Crash and Burn‘ which sounds a bit .. horrible but the sequins and gems make it more nice, right? 😄

Once again, I’ve wore this with my black ripped MOM jeans. I promise that one day, I will blog in different jeans or bottoms.. I just love them haha sorry guys!

I’m working on another blog post about rock tee‘s so please sit tight.. Maybe make a cuppa and enjoy the rest of my blog 😉