Beauty Advent Calendar’s 2017

Okay so before you guys say anything, I know we’re only in the first week of November but I absolutely love Christmas and you need an advent calendar at the start of December right? So, I thought this post would be okay 😉. I’ll admit, I’ve never had a beauty advent calendar before because I’ve always thought that they were too expensive but this year, I have found some amazing ones for a reasonable price so I thought I would show you guys because lets face it, as much as we want a Jo Malone advent calendar, we can’t spare £300 for one!



Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar – £30

rev calendar

This calendar I have actually ordered myself as I love Revolution makeup and I just thought it was an absolute bargain as I know that I am going to use every single product. The advent calendar was £50 but it’s been reduced to £30 so get it whilst you can! It’s from Superdrug and you can find it here.

The calendar has 25 doors which makes it an even better bargain as some only have 12 days. In the calendar you get: 3x Baked Highlighters, 1x Bronzer, 6x Lipsticks, 4x Makeup Brushes, 1x Eye-shadow Primer, 1x Liquid Highlighter, 1x Travel Mirror, 2x Pressed Highlighters, 2x Strobe Balms and 1x Full Size Eye-shadow Palette.


Makeup Revolution Christmas Tree – £70

rev christmas tree

This Revolution advent calendar is a little more expensive but I had to add it to the list as it’s such a good makeup brand and it is sooo worth it. The Christmas Tree was £120 but it has been reduced to £70. This calendar is also from Superdrug and you can find it here.

The Christmas Tree has 25 doors and you get: 1x Bronzing Palette, 1x Brow Enhancing Stick, 5x Redemption Eye-shadow Palettes, 1x Blush Stick, 2x Ultra Strobe Balms, 3x Lip Euphoria Lip Glosses, 1x Ultra Bronzer Powder, 1x Amazing Curl Mascara, 1x Euphoria Eye-shadow and Contouring Palette, 1x Makeup Blending Sponge, 1x Bronze Stick, 2x Salvation Palettes, 1x Brush Cleaning Tool, 1x Blush Palette, 1x Bronze Shimmer Highlight Powder, 1x Highlight Stick, 3x Give Me More Lip Powder Lipsticks, 1x Due Face Sculpt Powder and 2x Salvation Intense Lip Lacqueres.


Tanya Burr 12 Sweet Days Beauty Calendar – £20


As you can tell from the name, this beauty calendar has 12 doors. The 12 Sweet Days Beauty Calendar was originally £30 but it has been reduced to £20. You can get this from Superdrug and you can find it here. The beauty calendar includes: Eye Shimmer Pots, Glitter Liners, Lip Glosses and Nail Polish. I personally have never used the Tanya Burr range but it has good reviews and for the price, it’s a steal!


Essie Nail Polish Advent Calendar 24 Day Christmas Countdown – £50


This beauty advent calendar has 24 doors. It was originally £80 but it has been reduced to £50. You can also get this calendar from Superdrug and you can find it here.

In the calendar, you get: 7x Nail Polish, 13x Mini Nail Polish, 1x Mini Polish Remover, 3x Essie Mani Surprises. This calendar also has 5 shades exclusive to the calendar. Even more reason to get it, right?


Lush 12 Days of Christmas – £67.50


I know for a fact that this advent calendar is going to be very popular, even at the steep price! As said in the name, the calendar has 12 doors and you can buy it from the Lush website here. The calendar includes: 1x Bubbly Shower Gel, 1x Never Mind the Ballistics Bath Bomb, 1x Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, 1x Plum Snow Bubble Bar, 1x Christmas Eve Bubble Bar, 1x Snow Fairy Shower Gel, 1x Christmas Cracker Bubble Bar, 1x Baked Maska Soap, 1x Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb, 1x Bucks Fizz Body Conditioner, 1x Sherbet Dip Bath Bomb, 1x Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb.


Soap & Glory It’s a Calendar, girls! – £40


First of all, I love the name of this calendar – I’m easily pleased lol. You can get this calendar from Boots however, it’s all sold out!! You can find the calendar here for when it comes back in stock (hopefully). The calendar includes: 6x Body Wash Pods, 1x Body Buffer, 1x Hand Cream, 1x Foot Cream, 1x Primer, 1x Mascara, 2x Gloss Sticks, 1x Matte Stick, 4x Crazy Sexy Kohl, 3x Pillow Plumps and a pair of tweezers.


Sleek Makeup A Gift A Day Advent Calendar – £35


This calendar hasn’t got a lot of good reviews but I personally love Sleek makeup and I have a lot of their matte liquid lipsticks which are included in this advent calendar. This calendar has 25 doors and it’s from Boots. You can find the calendar here. The calendar includes: 1x Powder Brush, 4x Matte Me Lipsticks, 7x Twist Up Eye Pencils, 1x Mascara, 1x Dip It Eyeliner, 1x Glitter Eyeliner, 1x Blush, 3x i-Divine Eye-shadow Palettes, 1x Lip VIP Lipstick, 4x Matte Nail Varnish, 1x Eye-shadow Brush, 1x Angled Eye-shadow brush.


House of Fraser Beauty Advent Calendar – £20


This advent calendar was originally £25 but has been reduced to £20. You can buy the calendar from House of Fraser and can find it here. The calendar has 24 doors and includes: 1x Colour Couture Mascara, 1x Black Liquid Liner, 1x Red Lipstick, 1x Nude Lipstick, 1x Eyebrow Pencil, 1x Gold Glitter Liquid Eyeliner, 1x Silver Eye Crayon, 1x Champagne Eye Crayon, 1x Trio Eye-shadow, 3x Nail Polish, 1x Blusher, 2x Eye-shadow Dust, 2x Lip Glosses, 1x Nail File, 1x Funnel, 1x Kabuki Brush, star and sequin nail art and 2x Nail Stickers.


Let me know what ones are your fav or if you’ve got one that I haven’t mentioned!




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