A Bit About Me

meWho would have thought that writing about yourself would be so hard?

My name is Erin. I am 20 years old and I live in Essex, England (Yes, I love tea but no, I haven't met the queen) 😉

I merchandise in a fashion retail shop on a day-to-day basis and binge watch Gossip Girl in my spare time lol. Half the time I don't make sense but I've never claimed to be an English Lang student.. I just type how I speak lol. That's what makes my blog so special 😊

My blog is going to consist of fashion and makeup trends and ideas for That Casual Girl.

If you would like to see me blog about a certain trend, please get in touch!

Much love, Erin x


*please note, most images are taken from websites and I do not own the rights to the original images but I edit them all before they get posted on my blog*

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