Makeup/Beauty Tips – Part 1

I love love love learning new makeup and beauty hacks so I thought that I would share with you guys some of them. I’ll never claim that I’m a specialist and I understand that some of the hacks may not work for yourself but it’s worth a try, right? I’m just here to help some of you guys out and hopefully you can teach me some hacks that I didn’t know as well.. Team work makes the dream work haha! 

Rule number 1 which is the most important – NEVER sleep in makeup!! I’ll admit, sometimes it is the easier option when you’re tired but you’ll regret it a few days down the line when you start getting a breakout 😓.

2. Do your makeup before you do your hair. Make sure that you blend your foundation into your hair line so there’s no white patches visible when you style your hair.

3. Most people know this little tip but I thought that I would add it anyway – make sure your beauty blender is wet before you use it. This makes blending foundation easier!

4. Makeup has an ‘expiry date’ and this is shown on the back of the product. You should see a symbol of an open tub with a number inside – this indicates how long the product should be used for once it is open. For example, you may see 6M which means 6 months.

5. After putting your foundation on, get a thin sheet of tissue and put it over the area where you have just put makeup and gently blot over the tissue with powder. This helps to stop excess oil. This little tip also helps with lipstick to help it stay on a little longer.

6. If you can’t afford to keep splashing out on makeup, you can buy an eyeshadow palette that can be multi-purpose. You can use eyeshadow for your eyes, your eyebrows, blusher and contour for example.

7. To make your eyeliner and eyebrows more fleeky and neat, you can line them out with foundation and a concealer brush. This is handy incase you make a mistake when doing your eyeliner and eyebrows for example which saves you from washing it off!

8. To make your eyeshadow more pigmented, spray your eyeshadow brush with rose water or setting spray before you put your eyeshadow on.

9. If you got mascara on your face (e.g. on top of your eyelids or on your nose), wait for it to dry instead of wiping it off straight away and then scrape it off with a clean mascara wand or spoolie.

10. To reduce the amount of mascara that goes on your face by accident, place a small bit of card behind your eyelashes when you apply mascara or a plastic spoon underneath your under eyelashes.

Those are my top 10 tips – I will be doing another post with more if you guys enjoyed it!




It’s Thursdayyyy so it’s time for my PINTEREST EDIT. Today’s Pinterest Edit is going to be about the fishnet trend. This trend was very popular a few months ago but I am still loving it. I own lots of fishnet tights that I wear with ripped denim and skirts and also lots of fishnet socks. I just LOVE it so I thought I would share with you guys some of my fav pieces on Pinterest. You can find my Pinterest page here.




Sarah Ashcroft – In the Style Part 2

For those of you who know me, Sarah Ashcroft is my fav blogger and she was in fact my inspiration to start my own blog. It would be a dream to become as successful as her but everyone has got to start somewhere, right? 😉.

A few months ago, Sarah launched her first clothing range with In the Style and it was a hit! I actually blogged about it here if anyone is interested at all 😉. As the first range was a major success, she has bought out another and it is fireeeee 🔥. Today I thought that I would share with you some of my fav pieces in Sarah’s range so sit back, relax and let me know what your fav pieces are too!

As stated in my URL, I am a casual girl so I love casual, comfortable outfits and that is exactly what these outfits above are. Not only are they comfortable, they’re quite sexy due to the fact that they’re figure hugging which I love. The first set is £9.99 for the top and £14.99 for the bottoms and it also comes in a Rose colour which is BEAUT. The second set is £16.99 for the top and £29.99 for the bottoms which is quite expensive, but it’s worth it! This lovely set also comes in orange which is a colour Sarah loves by looking at her range.

Next up is dresses! Everyone likes to look their best on a night out and these dresses will turn heads! The first dress is a faux suede and costs £29.99 which can be found here. This dress also comes in black, orange and white which is shown in the YouTube video above. I love the second dress due to the slinky knot, it’s different and beautiful. The dress is £20.99 in the sale here so hurry before it sells  😄. This dress also comes in rust but I love clothes in the colour mink! The next dress might be seen as a bit risk-ayyy but you can’t deny that it looks sexy. The dress is £29.99 which can be found here and it comes in multiple colours: black, mink, rose, orange and white. 

The first set is my FAV!! I don’t know if that’s because she’s got a beautiful figure and is tanned as I’m sure it wouldn’t look that good on me haha! It is £14.99 for the top and £13.99 for the skirt which is in the sale! There is also a white version of this set which is in the sale too! I am also crushin’ on the white plunge body suit which can be found here for £24.99. This bodysuit also comes in black.




I am a big big lover of Missguided and I am so impressed with how far and big the business has become in the past few years! As I’m sure you’re aware, Missguided have done a collab with Barbie and the whole collection sold out within 24hours when it first got launched – amazing! But luckily for us, they have re-stocked 😄.

Below I have added the launch video for you guys to watch and I’m sure that you will agree with me that this collection is amazing. Even if Barbie isn’t your thing, you have got to admit that all of these pieces look FIRE together 🔥.

I have also added some photos from Missguided’s Instagram below just incase you’re not convinced 😉. I love Missguided’s marketing.. Hats off to whoever is in charge of their social media!

I’ve had a browse on the website and I have picked out three of my fav outfits. One combo that I am absolutely loving at the moment is camo and pink – they just compliment each other!

camo top

grey runner set


The green short camo t-shirt is £18 and can be found here

The grey runner short is £18 and can be found here and the matching cropped hoody is £30 and can be found here

The black short sleeve top is £18 and can be found here


Let me know what you think of this range and what your fav pieces are!


P.S. For anyone who is interested, the song in the Missguided AD is Toothless by Sente Ft Serine Karthage & Alika


Hello hello hello,

It’s a Thursday and that means one thing.. PINTEREST EDIT 😄. On Sunday I posted about my fav gingham pieces in shops at the moment which you can find here so I wanted to share with you guys my fav gingham pieces that are floating around on Pinterest. So sit back and relax.

You can also find my Pinterest page here


I’ve shared with you guys my fav so why don’t you share with me yours 😄


Gingham for AW17

Good afternoon my lovelies,

Gingham became a very popular trend in SS17 and seeing as trends come and go, I was expecting it to fade out as we enter AW17. However, I’ve been proven wrong! (don’t tell my boyfriend that, he’ll get excited 😉). Even though we haven’t entered AW17 yet, it is just round the corner and shops are starting to get their seasonal clothes in and I’ve noticed that gingham is still on the shelves. So today I thought that I would share with you guys some of my fav gingham pieces in the shops which are more.. wintery.

I thought that I would start with wrap dresses and tie up tops. Both of the wrap dresses above are very similar, the first one is from New Look but can be found on ASOS here for £24.99 and the second one is from Missguided here for £25.00. Both of the wrap dresses have a V neck and tie up around the waist which is very flattering however, I prefer the one from Newlook (and ASOS) as the whole dress has a wrap around detail rather than the wrap around detail just at the top.

I absolutely LOVE the half checked top at the end with the tie up detail. I think that the half checked and half plain detail just makes the top special and I love love love it! The tie waist starts from the side of the top rather than all the way round and this is quite popular at the moment as most skirts in shops at the moment have this detail also. This top is from Misspap here for £24.00.




I wouldn’t normally wear blouses myself as I’m more of a sporty girl and I don’t have an office job so I don’t have much reason to wear one however, I’m loving these gingham print blouses with the extra detail which will definitely turn heads! The first gingham top with ruffle detail and a bow at the collar is from Newlook here for £22 and the floral embroidered top with flute sleeves is from Missselfridge here for £28.




One thing I love about autumn/winter is coats. I feel like a coat can make or break an outfit and in this case, these coats will definitely make an outfit!The first coat is from River Island here for £80.00 and the second coat is from Zara here for £59.99.

What’s your fav gingham piece that you have in your wardrobe or on your wish list?