Guess who’s back?

Hello hello hello,

I feel so so guilty that I haven’t blogged in a long time and all I can do is apologise but I am back now.. Don’t worry 😉. I just want to thank you guys for sticking by me whilst I was away, you are the best friends in the world 🌏. For a few days now, I’ve been thinking about my come-back post and to be honest, the best I could come up with is updating you guys on what I have been up to. After this, I will be blogging again about fashion, beauty and the new, popular trends. OH and don’t forget.. CHRISTMAS. (No, it’s not too early, Christmas is always on my brain 😉).

As some of you are aware, I went on holiday to Turkey with my boyfriend and it was the most amazing holiday. Not only was the weather and the location beautiful, it was nice to spend some relaxing time with my boyfriend and not have to think about work for a few weeks. Our hotel was beautiful and it even had a water park which is perfect when you and your boyfriend are big kids haha!


As soon as I got back from holiday, work sent me away for a week to open up a brand new store. As you can imagine, it was so much hard work as we had a deadline to make an empty store perfect but it was also so much fun! I got some amazing feedback from the site manager and the regional visual merchandisers which was definitely a feel good factor!

Last but not least.. I got another tattoo!! I am absolutely in love with it! I love simple tattoos that don’t have much detail.. Maybe because I don’t like having to sit in the chair for ages haha! I have always wanted a flower tattoo done but I couldn’t decide what flower to get but in the end, I decided to get my nan’s fav flower in memory of her. I know that she would have loved it also.



What have you guys been up to this past month? I feel like we need a catch up!



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