☼ City Break Essentials ☼

Afternoon my lovely followers and hello to the new readers.. Welcome to my blog 😉

Now tell me, how many times do you go on holiday and say the dreaded words: ”I’ve left … at home” or ”I’ve forgot to pack…” – I know that I say it almost every holiday or trip that I go on 😌. So, I thought that I would help a pal out and do a little post on the essential items you need to take with you on a city break (well, I think they’re essential anyway 😃)


Backpack or bumbag

I’m sure all of us girls can agree that there’s nothing worse than having a big bag that gets in everyone’s way, right? Yet we ALWAYS insist to carry a bag no matter how annoying it is haha. Plus, our boyfriends have to have somewhere to put their stuff, right? 😃. I’ve recently just come back from Rome which is notorious for pick-pocketing like most cities so with that in mind, a bag which is hard for people to get their hands in is ideal 😉 and because of that, I think a bumbag is perfect! The name doesn’t sound too glamorous, I’ll admit but look at this beautiful silver holographic bum bag from New Look for £12.99. I also think that backpacks are so cute and fashionable so I’ve chose the Rose Gold Sequin Mini Backpack again from New Look for £15.99



Hopefully you’ve chose a city that is sunny (if so, please bring back the sun with you 😃) so of course you need some super glam sunnies! A pair of glam sunglasses can finish off an outfit so it’s important to get it right but of course, they have to suit your face shape aswell as your outfit which is a challenge to me but hey, challenge accepted! I’ve chose a round pair of sunglasses from Missguided for £12 and a pair of oversized glasses from River Island for £16.

P.s. It was a coincidence that I picked two pink pairs of sunglasses but hey, at least they match the backpack 😉



If you’re like me and LOVE sight seeing,  you need comfy footwear and even though I love buying cute espadrilles and sandals, they’re not suitable for a lot of walking but you know what are.. Trainers! (I’m getting excited just writing this, I LOVE shopping for trainers!). I am still obsessed with trainers with side detail on so I’ve chose a white trainer with bird embroidery on from New Look for £20 in the sale (bargain!) and some black trainers with bird embroidery on also from Topshop for £30.




Some people don’t like wearing makeup in hot weather and to be honest, I don’t blame them but I’ve picked two of my fav makeup products which will make wearing makeup in hot weather more bearable  😉. Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation is my GO TO, I absolutely love it and won’t look twice at another foundation. This foundation just always makes my skin look flawless and don’t forget it, it’s got SPF in it too! I’ve also picked the Revolution Setting Spray which helps set your makeup. You can get both makeup products from any beauty store but in Superdrug, the foundation is £7.99 and the setting spray £5.00.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but I suspect that most of you guys take your lovely selfies on your phone? So what better accessory would you need than a selfie stick! I’m pretty sure most of you will own a selfie stick as it was all the craze a few years ago but how else are you going to get the BEST selfie with the Eiffel tower or the Coliseum in the background? You can get a selfie stick from pretty much anywhere these days. I’m even sure that there will be someone selling them on the side of the street on your holiday but save the hassle and buy/pack one before you jet off.. Trust me, they’re worth it! Whilst we’re on the ‘electronic’ topic, do not forget your portable phone charger!! There is nothing worse than looking on fleek and having a beautiful setting and then your phone dies.. What a let down 😞.

Ta-dahhhhh, you are now ready for your city break. Enjoy!! Take lots of photos and eat great food 😃.



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