☼ City Break Essentials ☼

Afternoon my lovely followers and hello to the new readers.. Welcome to my blog 😉 Now tell me, how many times do you go on holiday and say the dreaded words: ''I've left ... at home'' or ''I've forgot to pack...'' - I know that I say it almost every holiday or trip that I go … Continue reading ☼ City Break Essentials ☼



Good evening lovely bloggers! I thought that I'd do a quick post of my OOTD because even though it's a lazy Sunday, we all know that I dig a good casual sporty outfit 😉 So today I thought that I would wear my fav leggings. That's right, I said leggings.. Can you believe that you can … Continue reading OOTD


As most of you probably know by now, Sarah Ashcroft is one of my favvvv bloggers and as you can guess, I was over the moon when she announced that she was doing her own clothing range! If you've been following her Instagram, Snapchat (etc), you'll know that she is launching her own swimwear brand … Continue reading SWIM BABE SARAH

Sarah Ashcroft

*Photos from Sarah's Instagram: @sarahhashcroft* So, my girl crush is Sarah Ashcroft. Her life is just an absolute dream.. She's beautiful and has amazing fashion taste also. Sarah is a fashion blogger based in the UK and to be truthful, she was my inspo to start my own fashion and beauty blog. Her blog is http://www.thatpommiegirl.com/ … Continue reading Sarah Ashcroft