❄️ Baby, it’s cold outside ❄️

So today in England, it started to snow!! Even though snow itself is beautiful, the temperature isn’t as much and I don’t know about you but I hate being cold! But lets just take a minute to thank the high-street retailers for their warm and fashionable coats. I love love love coats, I seem to have a weird obsession with them and if I could afford it, I would have a wardrobe just for coats. Is that weird? So I thought that I would pick some of my fav coats on the high-street at the moment.. I’m not sure if that’s to benefit you or me lol! It’s strange because when I was younger, you couldn’t get me to put on my coat for a n y t h i n g but now, I feel like my outfit isn’t finished without one!

Wool Coats

River Island – Pink Wool Coat – £85 (also comes in Yellow and Black)

River Island – Checked Coat – £85

Missguided – Lilac Wool Coat – £65 (also comes in Cream)


Faux Fur Coats

Boohoo – Pink Faux Fur Coat – Was £55 Now £53

Missguided – Yellow Faux Fur Coat – £65 (Also comes in Pink, Grey and Purple)

Pretty Little Thing – Grey Faux Fur Coat – £100 (Also comes in Red and Black)


Puffa Coats

Pretty Little Thing – Nude Collar Puffa Coat – £50 (Also comes in Black and Grey)

Pretty Little Thing – Yellow Puffa Coat – Was £50 Now £35 (Also comes in Black and Grey)

Missguided – Black High Shine Puffa Coat – £35


What coat is your fav? I’m in love with the Pretty Little Thing faux fur coat. Just need £100 now haha!



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