Glitter GLAM

Who likes unicorn, magical vibes? ME! Who likes glitter? ME! Who likes festivals? ME!

As I’m sure you’re all aware, glitter has become the summer, festival trend this year and as you can tell.. I LOVE it. I really hope that this trend doesn’t fade out because glitter just makes you feel fabulous. Mind you, I can’t imagine everyone wearing glitter whilst eating their Christmas dinner but hey, we’re trend setters right? I’ll take one for the team 😄.

If you’re from the UK like me, you might be familiar with a show called Love Island (and if you’re also like me, you will definitely be suffering from Love Island blues lol). During the show, the cast got glammed up by The Gypsy Shrine for a glitter party and I had glitter envy towards everyone – they all just looked so fabulous!! So I thought that I would do a little post showing you guys how to get the Love Island girls look.


(photo credit:

Above is a photo of Montana and Amber at the Love Island glitter party and just look at them, they look amazing!

Montana’s look:

SHR x Unicorn Crown Face Jewel £10.00
Iridescent Candy Kiss Face Jewel £10.00
Rainbow Pink Glitter £5.50 (which comes in a 10g pot)
All in One Chest Piece £15.00
Silver Chunky Glitter £5.50  (which comes in a 7g bag, 10g pot or 100g pot)


Amber’s look:

Mix n Match Face Jewels £10.00
Gold Chunky Glitter £5.50 (which comes in a 7g bag and 10g pot)
All in One Chest Piece £15.50


As stated above, the glitter comes in 7g bags which is perfect for when you go to festivals and also in 10g and 100g pots which is perfect for your makeup sets! The glitter can go on your body like the girls above have worn it but it can also go in your hair parting to make you look extra fleeky 😉.

The Gyspy Shrine has an AMAZING selection of jewels and glitter and to be honest, I want to order it all 😍 .  Go and have a look at their website: as it shows tutorials on how to apply the glitter and jewels and advice on what to pair up together 😄.




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