Good evening lovely bloggers!

I thought that I’d do a quick post of my OOTD because even though it’s a lazy Sunday, we all know that I dig a good casual sporty outfit 😉

So today I thought that I would wear my fav leggings. That’s right, I said leggings.. Can you believe that you can get fully ripped leggings?! (okay I might be the only one who was shocked at this lol). My leggings are from River Island for those of you who would like to get your hands on them too.. I wouldn’t blame you 😉. These leggings are £22 which I agree, is quite expensive for a pair of leggings with rips but for those money savvy people, why not buy some plain black leggings and cut the holes yourself? I’d love to see how they turn out 😁 I was too lazy to do them myself haha.

I paired my leggings with a graphic body suit and added colour by dressing it with a red checked shirt. A red checked shirt is a wardrobe essential in my eyes 😉.




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