So, in my ‘Rock Tee’ post (https://thatcasualgirl.wordpress.com/2017/05/09/rock-tee/ ) I asked you lot to sit tight and make yourself a cuppa as a Rock Tee blog post was going to be launched soon so here it is – I do not go back on my promises 😉

The rock graphic tee trend has been popular for a while now and it is one of my favourite trends as I’m that casual girl 😉. Many retailers do sell rock graphic tees but I feel like Missguided do a wider range and the best!

Above, I have picked 6 different types of rock tees that you can have depending on your style. As you can see, there is a crop tee with a lace hem, nibbled and slashed effect, tie die, lace up and cut out shoulder – so much choice!! 😍

You can also wear all of these rock tees with a corset belt and an oversized denim jacket 🔥




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