Good afternoon lovely bloggers ☀. Today’s post is going to be about ‘basic‘ items of clothing that every casual girl needs in her wardrobe. Each of these items can either be dressed up or dressed down. These key items can be used for layering also which is why they are essential for your wardrobe!

The first item which is essential is the denim jacket. How many times have you changed what you’re wearing just so you can find a jacket that would go with the outfit? I know that I have done that many times! Luckily, a denim jacket pretty much goes with everything and if you’re feeling daring, you can even wear it with denim – denim on denim is NOT a fashion faux par like many think 😄. I’ve chose an over-sized jacket from New Look. I personally 💛 over-sized items but there are many shops that sell fitted denim jackets  😊.

The next item is blue high-waisted denim jeans. Of course you can choose what type of denim you like yourself but I feel like no matter what colour the denim is, high waisted skinny jeans are a MUST! Even though ripped jeans are in fashion at the moment, it is important to have that one pair of clean jeans that you can dress up or dress down. These jeans are from Topshop and they are called Jamie.

The slip cami dress is next. Many think that you can only wear this key item in the summer but they’re wrong! You can layer cami dresses with a basic top to make it more casual. The type of top is completely up to you.. You can just get a casual tee with cap sleeves or maybe even a roll neck – the choice is yours 😉. I chose a pink cami slip dress from Missguided as I LOVE the colour but of course, these dresses come in all different colours and styles.

On the topic of camis, the next item I think is a must-have is the cami top! Just like the dress, you can layer these so you can wear a tee underneath to make it more casual. These two cami tops are from River Island and the range in there is incredible. They have many colours to choose from but my fav is the gingham cami. As I’m sure you’re aware, gingham is really in fashion at the moment so not only is a cami top a must have this season, so is gingham!

Last but not least is the bardot top. The top I chose is from Pretty Little Thing and I chose it because the top has mixed two key trends in one; the bardot top and the frilly top! I absolutely LOVE this top and the colour 😍.

Let me know what key pieces you have in your wardrobe in the comments below 😜



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