One trend that has been popular for a while is the rock tee and this is my type of trend.. to a tee (Haha was that a bad pun?). Most fashion retailers partner up a rock tee with a choker and I am totally for it.. I LOVE chokers also 😍

So today, I had a few extra minutes before I had to go to work so I thought I’d take some selfies of my OOTD before I went. Standard procedure really lol

My tee says ‘Crash and Burn‘ which sounds a bit .. horrible but the sequins and gems make it more nice, right? 😄

Once again, I’ve wore this with my black ripped MOM jeans. I promise that one day, I will blog in different jeans or bottoms.. I just love them haha sorry guys!

I’m working on another blog post about rock tee‘s so please sit tight.. Maybe make a cuppa and enjoy the rest of my blog 😉




One thought on “~ ROCK TEE ~

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