Afternoon lovely bloggers, I thought that I would do a post of my OOTD because I am feeling it 😉

My crush at the moment are graphic tee’s – they’re so simple yet so trendy at the same time. Even though they’re ‘basic’, they’re such a WOW piece when you have it on. It’s what grabs other peoples attention.. How many times have you found yourself staring at someone trying to figure out what their top says? .. Or is that just me? 😄

The top I’m wearing has sequins in certain parts of the rose to define the petals which I love and surprisingly, none of them have fallen off yet so that’s a bonus 😉. The top is fully open at the back and ties up down the bottom to make it more tighter at the front. Some people don’t like t-shirts that are fully open at the back and to be honest, I was a bit nervous as well at first but I wore a little crop top underneath that matched the pink colour on the front of the top and it looked fab if I can say so myself 😄

I wore this top with black ripped MOM jeans but it looks great with a light jean also due to the bright colours of the tshirt

Sorry about the selfies in a bedroom – one day I will have a beautiful room with a mirror and bright lights to take my photos but for now, what I have will have to do 😉




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