Gingham 🔲

Lets spring back a few weeks ago to my blog post ‘Spring into RI‘ (once again, the link is just down below 😉) where I blogged about my fav pieces in the new River Island spring advert. In the advert, the model wore a beautiful gingham playsuit which I was crushing on and I just couldn’t resist.. I HAD to try it on 😍 😍.  Now lets just point the obvious out here because I feel like it’s the elephant in the room.. Yes, I am in a shop changing room and yes, it still has the tag on but it still looks beautiful, right? 😉 but can we please appreciate how beautiful this playsuit is pls? Not only does it have the very fashionable print of gingham, it also has the in season frill – perfect duo!!!

In the advert, they’ve layered it with a gingham blouse which is also beautiful but I prefer the two items separately. In this picture, I’ve layered it with a plain black tee simply because it’s too cold at the moment to go out with bare legs and bare arms.. And of course, layering is key 🔑 

Spring into RI‘ blog post:


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