Summer State Of Mind

Above is Boohoo‘s summer advert which launched yesterday called ‘Summer State Of Mind‘. Even though the advert isn’t very long, it shows all different types of styles going from the girlie pretty girl to the sporty girl to the unicorn girl. (Haha sorry, I forget that unicorn girl isn’t an actual thing.. What I mean by that is glitter and sequins 😄)

After watching this advert, I really want go spend my summer going on a road trip around America but instead I’ll be spending my summer by spending my money on their fabulous clothes 😍

The song in the video is ‘1 Night’ by Mura Masa ft Charli XCX which is an amazing choice but I don’t know if that’s a bias opinion because I love Mura Masa‘s music! 😉. Well, I know that Pretty Little Thing would agree with me as Mura Masa seems to be a popular choice in their adverts also. (I blogged about their recent SS17 Ad which you can find here: )

In the ad, the model is wearing fishnet socks with embellished trainers and I absolutely LOVE this look! I wear fishnet socks and trainers all of the time, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the look! Mind you, I have never worn white fishnet socks like the model so I might try that one out next.. Just need a tan and I’ll be sorted, I don’t want them to blend in with the colour of my legs 😉


I also really like all of the sporty, netted outfits that they show in this advert. I know where I am about to shop, don’t know about you 😉




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