I thought that I would do a post around my daily eyebrow ‘routine’ as I’m obsessed with buying eyebrow products.. It’s like a hobby for me lol. But first of all, I thought I’d address the awkward-ness of taking a photo of your eyebrows. Why is it so difficult 😄 you just move the camera at different angles like a photographer to take a good snap of each eyebrow.. and then you realise that it isn’t your good side and so on so on. So instead, I thought I’d crop a selfie.. That was the easiest way 😄

FullSizeRender (1)

So I start my daily routine with washing my eyebrows just to make sure that they’re funky fresh clean of no makeup product from the night before lol. Once I feel fresh, I let them dry for a bit because there is nothing worse than trying to fill in your eyebrows with makeup and it just doesn’t set properly because your eyebrows are wet. I don’t know if that only happens to me but it’s a real annoying problem 😄

Once they’re dry, I go through them with an eyebrow brush and then start to trim my eyebrows so there isn’t any long hairs sticking out. Today, I used my Sleek Eyebrow Stylist which I blogged about a while back (see bottom of the post for the link..  Got to plug my own blog posts whilst I’m here, right? 😉). Once I’ve filled in and shaped my eyebrows, I go over them with the clear ‘Brow Perfector’ by Sleek (have you noticed that I love this makeup brand yet by any chance? haha) to get the hairs in the correct place. I like the hairs at the start of my brow to go up straight, I feel it just blocks them off perfectly. Once I am happy with my brows, I use my Collection ‘Illuminating Touch Concealer‘ around the brows to tidy them up. The Illuminating Touch Concealer is so fab because the end of the pen is a brush and you twist the other end and the product comes out. As it is a pen, it is easy to apply around the shape of your brows and I just blend it in using a brush. This pen can also be used to illuminate your eyes or to contour your nose or cheek bones 😊
IMG_2223 IMG_2222 IMG_2273







Much love, Erin x

Post about Sleek Eyebrow Stylist:



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