Silicone Beauty Blender


I’ve been seeing these silicone beauty blenders all over social media and in beauty shops and as someone who LOVES a sponge beauty blender, I didn’t think they would be worth the hype. However, I decided to buy some to try them out and they proved me wrong!! (..that’s the first and last time you’ll hear me say that 😉 😜).

I decided to buy a pack of three purely for the shape of the blenders. I felt like if I was going to use them, I had to use them properly and not use additional brushes or sponges to get to the tricky areas like the side of your nose. These blenders have structure to them but they are easy to move around your face and get to the tricky bits.

There are many PROS to the silicone beauty blenders but the PRO that over rules them all, is that you do not waste any foundation.. Perfect!! If you have a sponge beauty blender, the sponge tends to absorb some of the foundation but with these blenders, no makeup is wasted. Another PRO is that it is soooo easy to clean which saves a lot of time and hassle 😃.. Gives us girls more time to take selfies that way, right? 😉. Because the product is so easy to clean, it is more hygienic lets say.

The silicone beauty blender can be used for all types of foundation and BB cream but it works the best with liquid foundation.

I bought my blenders on Amazon for about £3 altogether but there are many beauty shops around that sell them also. Different places also sell different shapes of these blenders so it’s best to have a little shop around before you buy.

Much love, Erin x


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