Mermaid vibes ONLY 💜

My fav holiday look at the moment is mermaid metallic – I don’t know what it is about it but it just makes you stand out and look sexy but edgy at the same time.

Whilst shopping around for my imaginary holiday, I thought I would show you guys some of my top picks and I just HAD to show you all the unicorn float.. How amazing!! 😍

The unicorn float is from New Look but I have seen them in many other shops such as Primark, River Island and Getting Personal. You can also buy floats that are in different shapes such as a flamingo, a mermaid and most of all, a pizza slice 😉

Seeing as all of the swimwear above are metallic, it’s going to be hard to describe them so starting from the top left to the right we’ve got: Missguided, New Look,  Boohoo, New Look and Topshop down the bottom!

The Topshop swimsuit is from a company called Wolf & Whistle so it should be available from their website also or ASOS 😊

Much love, Erin x


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