Brush Egg!

So, I am not a makeup artist (unfortunately 😞) but I am obsessed with buying it and accessories to go with it! After hoarding owning hundreds of makeup brushes (.. I wish that was an exaggeration lol!), I was getting fed up with filling my sink up constantly to let my makeup brushes ‘soak’ and then rubbing them in my hand, so I had to find an alternative. Fortunately for me, someone had thought of an alternative before and created this little egg shaped beauty. This little egg shaped beauty is called… wait for it.. a brush egg!! Ha, easy to remember! The Brush Egg is open at the bottom which allows you to put your fingers inside it so you can hold it easily. The makeup cleaner has different types of ‘bobbly bits’ on it which helps get all of the excess makeup off of your brushes and are handy if you have different brush types or sizes! The Brush Egg itself is very easy to clean which is a bonus.. especially if you’ve been standing there for a while cleaning your brushes lol 😄. This lovely invention comes in different shapes, sizes and colours – You can even get one in a shape of a heart which is cute!

I bought this item from Amazon but it is available on other online sites and in beauty shops also!

If you love your makeup and your brushes, I would highly recommend getting this product! All you need is product, a bit of shampoo or brush cleaner, water and you’re good to go!

Much love, Erin x


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